New Way to “View” Us

We have had a profile out on the site, Parent Profiles, for a little less than a year now.  Recently, within the last few weeks, they have switched over our profile sites to a more modern, slick look.  The transition has not been without hiccups and bumps (and is still truly in transition), but our profile looks so much more modern.  I like that we can use this website (the one that you are on right now), along with the (formerly Parent Profiles) profile site.

Here’s a current screen shot of our newly updated profile, which is what it will look like until I can decide on what photo to use for the background…still not sure about that sunrise!…

parent profiles screen shot

So you’ll want to check both out when you get a chance.  You’ll see some things here that you won’t see there.  And some things there that you won’t see here.