60 Days Kick-off

60 day intro collage

Hey there!  I know it’s been a couple of months since we’ve been on here.  I’ve really been doing a lot of thinking lately on how to best use this platform to reach out to others and give them a better sense of who we are as a family.  A birth mother or father should feel super comfortable in knowing who we are before they make a decision in the adoption placement process.  Aside from our letter and bio pages, I’m not sure that we are doing a great job in giving you a sense of who we are.

I’ve seen a few hopeful adoptive families participating in a 60 day Instagram photo challenge that I think would do a great job in helping you to learn a little more about what things are really like with us.  I’d like to take it one step further and post a little written piece here on this blog that adds to the photo.  I know a picture is supposed to be worth a million words, but a picture does nothing to give you a sense of our voice, either.  The plan is to place a written post here on this page and also to just post the photograph on our Facebook page.

Here’s the thing, though…I’m not great at keeping up with blogs (clearly!).  I know I can’t do 60 days in a row of photos and posts.  And because I’m linking this up to Facebook, I’m pretty sure that there are many that don’t want our stuff in their feed for 60 days straight!  So our goal is to post once a week.  Here are the photo ideas…

Instagram photo challenge

I don’t know how well you can read them.  I don’t know who to credit for this list of ideas…if you know, feel free to drop me an email so I can give credit!  🙂

So we hope that you’ll enjoy learning a little more about the 3 of us individually and together as a family!  Feel free to interact and comment on our Facebook page, if you’d like!  And if you are interested in learning even more about our family, poke around a little more on this website!  See you soon with post #1…Us!