Adoption Photo Challenge Week 1: Us

Week 1 Us

The topic is “Us” so I decided to feature photos from our recent trip to the beach (except for that photo just of me, which is from 2 years ago…I’m the family photographer and the price you pay for that is that you just never make it in any photos).  I wrote in last week’s post about the 60 day adoption photo challenge that we are doing that really isn’t going to be done in 60 days, so here we are with the first week!

Here’s a little bit about us as individuals within our family, which you can’t get from the pictures or from our profile…

Jayden is our energy bug.  He is fearless and approaches life with enthusiasm and zest.  He keeps us on our toes and keeps a smile on our faces!

Lisa (that’s me!) is the dreamer and planner of the family.  She has a dry sense of humor but also a sense of seriousness.  She loves sitting down and snuggling with a good Dr. Seuss book with Jayden, like Cat in the Hat.

Doug is the one in the family who makes sure that the day-to-day things get done at home while I am dreaming!  (We go together like peanut butter and jelly!)  He also has a dry sense of humor and is the master Lego builder many mornings with Jayden.

We still feel like there is one piece missing from our “us.”  We aren’t sure who that missing piece will be, but we can’t wait to have that missing piece filled with a special little boy or girl!

Up next week…Our view outside our door.