Adoption Photo Challenge Week 2: Our View Outside Our Door

Week 2 door

As I thought about starting this post, I was thinking only our front door.  But you really don’t want to see the view from our front door right now.  You see, we’ve got a plum tree in our front yard.  Normally, it’s quite a nice tree.  Except for the one or 2 summers that we’ve had a lot of Japanese beetles in the area.  And this is one of those years.  You don’t want a picture of our half-eaten plum tree here…really.

So you’ve got a photo of our newly painted front door.  (There’s a story that goes with that, too.  Five years ago, we bought paint to redo the front door.  Painted the door.  Door faded…to a purplish pink color.  Nice color, just not a “front door color.”  Most everyone that came to our house had something to say about the door color.  So we finally re-painted the front door and love the color!  No more purplish pink!)

Besides, we don’t spend much time in our front yard anyway.  Why do the view from the front door?  So here are the views from our back door.  We absolutely LOVE our backyard in the warmer weather!  We put a “play pad” in the back 3 summers ago, complete with a playset, sand table, and Little Tykes basketball hoop.  We have a big, shady maple tree, garden and big yard area where we love playing soccer, wiffle ball, stomp rocket battles, and tag.  When the weather is really hot, you’d find a mini pool set up in the back, where Jayden loves to have friends over to splash around with.

Just earlier this spring, the land behind our back yard changed ownership.  The owners recently fenced it in and have brought in cattle and donkeys to graze in the fields directly behind our house.  A perfect evening for us is spent kicking the soccer ball around with Jayden, or having time to relax under the shady maple tree together as a couple while Jayden plays in the sand or digs his dump trucks in the dirt!

Up next week…Our favorite place in our town!