Adoption Photo Challenge Week 3: Our Favorite Place in Town

Week 3 favorite place edit

Well, this was way too hard to narrow our favorite place down to just one place.  And to narrow it down to a place that is technically only in town made it even more difficult!  So we’ve got a favorite place IN our small town, and a favorite place just OUTSIDE of our small town.

Anytime we have free time together as a family, we love going to the park to play.  Now, there are several parks that are IN town where we go, but the one we really like to go to is what we call “THE park.”  Great climbing elements.  Awesome tire swing.  Pond with ducks and geese.  Walking trails with soccer and ball fields.  Ask Jayden what his favorite parts are: the tube slide with the window in it and the buttons you push to make the water spray!

Jayden, 6 months old and already loving THE park!
Jayden, 6 months old and already loving THE park!

We love spending time at this park and were so excited the day we took Jayden for a walk in his stroller when he was only 2 months old.  We never even knew the playground existed.  We rolled the stroller around the corner, saw the playground up on the hill, and just knew that we couldn’t wait until he was old enough to play there!

We’ve met with Jayden’s birth family there, we eat dinner there sometimes, and Jayden frequently requests to go there.  We really like this park!  🙂  And…we look forward to times together at THE park as a family of four.

Our favorite place IN town is the local ice cream place.  Their ice cream is homemade, which is only a small part of what makes the place great.  What really makes it great is how family-friendly they are.  They have mini tables and chairs for the kids.  They frequently have live music with local high school musicians.  They turn on their model train EVERY time Jayden walks into the shop.  The local fire company stops by and allows kids to touch and explore the fire truck.  This summer, the local children’s librarian just started storytime and the ice cream shop staff does a craft with the kids that goes with the story.  We are excited to go to our first one on Tuesday afternoon!

The ice cream is good.  Is it great?  Ehhh…I love ice cream, so I don’t know that I’d go so far as to give it my “great” seal of approval (although their teaberry that I had last week was pretty tasty!).  So why do we like the place so much?  They are fun and they “get” kids.

If you are an expectant mother reading this right now, we hope this gives you an idea of who we are, based on where we like to go: family-centered (and ice cream loving!).  We’d love to find out the places you enjoy in your home town, too!  If you’d like to talk with us more, contact us or reach us through our facebook page!

Up next week for week #4: Siblings…