My, How Adoption Has Changed

In honor of National Adoption Day yesterday, Life took a look back at what adoption used to look like many years ago.  I have to say that, overall, the world of adoption has made many positive changes over the years in favor of the well-being of the adoptee.

However, not in favor of the many kids waiting for a home is the numbers of those waiting.  In the 1950’s the number of waiting parents far exceeded the number of children available for adoption.  Now we have<b>Caption from LIFE.</b> Leaving for home the Youngs help Linda walk down path leading to Socity headquarters. To keep her company she took toys along she had at agency. the reverse.  The number of children waiting in the foster care system far exceeds the number of parents wanting to adopt.

The child featured in the Life article in the 1950’s was a very young one.  We are limited in what we know about her background, but at the time it was very common for babies and young children to be sold on the “adoption black market,” casting the idea of open adoption to the side and forcing adoptive parents and their adoptive children to keep the adoption a secret.

We, as a family-by-adoption, are so thankful that things have changed in this respect.  Through the adoption of our son, we gained a whole other section to our family tree!  There is nothing secretive in this adoption, and that is the healthiest thing for our son and, we believe, for his birth family.

If you are reading this and are pregnant and are considering making an adoption plan, we look forward to talking with you about open adoption and how to make sure that you are most comfortable in that relationship.

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Superman, Steve Jobs, and Moses

What do Superman, Steve Jobs, and Moses all walk into a room…what do they have in common?  Really…I’m not telling a joke!  Do you know what they have in common?

They all were adopted!  In fact, quite a few notable people were adopted.  Adoption has changed so much over the years.  No longer is it something that an adoptee should feel like they must hide.  And in so many instances, adoptions are open.

Adoptees can have a bright and successful future!  In celebration of November’s National Adoption Awareness Month, here’s a graphic to tell you more: