I totally laughed when this popped up in my Facebook feed over the weekend, in the midst of the blizzard we were experiencing:

Winter is Coming - Winter is coming The entire thing, all at once in one weekend
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After an unusually warm late fall and early winter, January arrived and it chilled down a lot.  Still no snow, though.  Until Friday night.

I was a bit concerned about how our forced hibernation was going to go together.  🙂  Mostly because I didn’t think we’d really be able to get outside, according to what the forecast sounded like.  But we had a great time together (well, all but the time we tried to get out of the house and go jumping at a trampoline park and a grand 4 year old tantrum came and we all had to leave…but that was just one moment…it can’t all be perfect, right?!?!)!

So, here’s a little video I made of our time together.  It doesn’t capture everything that we did (certainly not that SkyZone tantrum!), but we hope you have fun watching!  Thanks for stopping by!